>Remote Administration

We offer 24/7 remote system monitoring that can be customized to respond to your specific needs. This system monitors Oracle Applications and Databases in real-time. When problems are detected the monitoring system responds by sending emails, pages, or phone calls to the responsible parties at your company and/or at Oracle Experts. They can then immediately respond to the problem.

The sensitivity of this monitoring system is also adjustable. It can be programed to send out one type of message if system resources spike for a short time and a different type of message if system resources are taxed over longer periods of time. Whatever your needs, we can set up an automated monitoring system to help you keep your systems up and running at optimal performance.

>Linux for Oracle Applications

In conjunction with Dell Computers and Red Hat, Oracle has developed the Oracle 9i RAC database that is compatible with the Linux operating system. This is significant news because Linux supports random application clusters (RAC). Random application clusters allow businesses to run Oracle databases accross multiple servers. Clustered servers share the workload evenly and can be swapped in and out as needed.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said the combined Oracle/Red Hat/Dell products are aimed at companies of all sizes and offer better performance and cost than IBM mainframe systems, for example. "We think the Linux operating system is extremely attractive," Ellison said. "(People ask), 'Is Linux ready for primetime? Can I trust it is reliable enough and fast enough?' With clusters, it's fast enough. And with clusters, there's no single point of failure. If you lose one machine, you have three left. Linux is suddenly unbreakable, suddenly more reliable."

Linux clustering is not yet as powerful as the popular multiprocessing high-end Unix servers that run most Oracle databases, but they do provide the capability of running a single database across a cluster of servers. This development will, for the first time, allow small companies to afford the hardware and operating system to run Oracle applications.

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