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There are a variety of options for backing up criticle systems and their data. Our consultants can work with you to determine the option or combination of options that are right for you. Below is a list of some more common back-up options.


>Hot Back-Ups

Hot back-ups occur when a database or system is actively running. This type of back-up is ideal for mission-critical systems and data that can't be shut down even for a short time. However, because hot backups must perform during realtime they can be very complicated. And if hot back-ups are not performed correctly then data will be lost and systems will be compromised. Our consultants can work with you to assure that your hot back-ups work as you intend them to and that your valuable systems and data are safeguarded.

>Cold Back-Ups

Cold back-ups occur when databases or systems are not actively running. Cold back-ups are the simplest option because they can backup a whole database while the database is inactive. While cold back-up systems are easier to set up and maintain than hot back-up systems, it is important to set up a backup system that is right for your business. We can work with you to determine if cold back-ups are appropriate for you and help you set them up right... the first time.

>Combination Backups

For most Oracle systems, a combination of hot and cold backups are the ideal solution for safeguarding vauable applications and databases. The right combination of hot and cold backups minimizes downtime and makes system and data restoration easier and less time consuming.

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