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Implementation of new Oracle databases and applications is a complex process. It involves much much more than just inserting a disk and following an installation wizard. It involves a significant investment of time, energy, resources, and qualified personnel to properly implement an Oracle system. Oracle implementation takes place in two phases, a functional phase and a technical phase. It is important that both phases be performed properly or else your system may not work properly or meet your needs. We can help.

>Functional Implementation

Our Oracle Experts can work with you to properly research and perform all aspects of a functional implementation. We can look at your business practices and help you determine which modules will meet your needs. We can then help you to implement any of the Oracle modules including OPM (formerly GEMMS) so that your Oracle system matches the needs of your business.

>Technical Implementation

We can also work with you to make sure that your technical implementation is performed properly. We can make certain that your Oracle applications and databases are sized and distributed correctly accross your available hardware, customizing your directory structures to meet demands of your specific system. We can research install, update, patch, and tune your system for optimal performance and easier maintenance.

We are interested in helping you make the most of your Oracle system. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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