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Like other IT systems, Oracle Applications and Databases require periodic maintenance to continue running at optimal performance. Regular and proper maintenance provides security, improved performance, and stability to your Oracle system, preventing unnecessary downtime from preventable causes.

We offer a variety of maintenance packages that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Whether you just need help developing a maintenance plan or need help performing regular maintenance we can help. Our consultants can work with you to develop a maintenance plan that is right for you.

>24/7 System Monitoring

We offer 24/7 automated system monitoring that can be customized to respond to your specific needs. This system monitors Oracle Applications and Databases in real-time. When problems are detected the monitoring system responds by sending emails, pages, or phone calls to the responsible parties at your company and/or at Oracle Experts. They can then immediately respond to the problem.

The sensitivity of this monitoring system is also adjustable. It can be programed to send out one type of message if system resources spike for a short time and a different type of message if system resources are taxed over longer periods of time. Whatever your needs, we can set up an automated monitoring system to help you keep your systems up and running at optimal performance.

>Remote System Maintenance

We have remote daily services available for those companies that like a safety net backing up their Database team.  We can dial-up and do the daily checking of the database for files or mount points filling up.  We check the alert logs and extents also.  This frees up your on-site staff so that they can take care of more urgent items and the daily system operation so that it does not get neglected and become an urgent item.

>On-Site Consulting - (Oracle, Oracle Applications, Unix, NT, GEMMS)

We offer on-site consulting for our customers that want an Oracle Expert on the premises.  We have professionals that can remain on-site for a project or who can fill in so that your DBA can take that long needed vacation or take training classes so he can enhance his job skills for your company.

>Remote Consulting - (Oracle, Oracle Applications, Unix, NT, GEMMS) 

We offer remote consulting to help you with your database and save you money.  We can go on-site to evaluate your system and give a report on what we found and our estimate of what it will take to perform the work that you need done.  We can then do that work remotely and save you the expense of having someone on-site.  This is all done under your supervision and nothing is done without your approval.  We can do most patches, upgrades and tuning remotely.

>Telephone Support

We offer phone support for questions regarding Oracle or for those general IT questions that you need answered, but have no one to turn to.   We can bundle this service with our remote consulting service and handle your questions as well as help maintain your system, or we can just handle individual questions as they arrive.  Either way, we have the resources to meet your needs.

>Short Term or Long Term Contracts

We have staff that can either work on-site for short projects such a upgrades or patches or for longer projects such as implementations, transitions from an implementation. Our Oracle Experts can also fill in as needed until an appropriate full time person can be hired and trained.  Contact us and we can discuss your individual needs and solutions.

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