At OraclExperts, we have been helping our clients to take full advantage of their Oracle Applications and Databases for many years. To see examples of how we have helped our clients, visit the case studies below:


>Case 1: Oracle RDBMS Upgrade

We had a large (>200GB), very poor performing system, Oracle 8.1 database running on Windows NT. The main database replicated many of the tables to a second database also running on an NT system. It also replicated data across the internet to about 20 sites. Much of the data being stored and replicated were blobs.
After evaluating the problems described above, we performed the following:

  1. Moved the main database and the main replicated database to Linux systems with IBM dual Xeon processors.
  2. Upgraded the Oracle rdbms to Oracle 9i.
  3. Used a high speed SAN capable of being shared by multiple computers.
  4. Partitioned the large tables for performance enhancement. This reduced the login time for one section of the system from 30+ seconds to sub-second response.


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