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>Oracle Apps 11.0 on Multiple Machines

Oracle Apps 11.0 can operate on one or more machines. It is broken down into a database server, forms server, web application server, concurrent manager server and reports server. These take the place of the 10.7 database server and client installation. Each machine requires an installed Oracle Home and Appl_top. Patches must be applied to each machine.

>Oracle Apps 1 hour install for new installations only

The Oracle 11.0  one-hour install is for new installations only. It cannot be used for an any piece of an upgrade.  The one-hour install consists of a pre-configured database with appropriate ORACLE_HOME and APPL_TOP  compressed and put on a cd.  The Oracle staff has written an install script that allows the database and software to be put on a system using the OFA standard.  It can be configured with one database server and multiple web servers.  If you install using the one-hour install there will be different patches and considerations later.

>Apps 10.7 or 11.0, Which is right for you?

Not ready to upgrade to 11.i due to cost, politics or afraid of the patches?  You need to stabilize your 10.7 or 11.0 system by bringing it to current levels of Oracle and the "mini-packs".  To upgrade to Oracle 8.1.7+ you still need the 8.0.6 database available for the Apps to run.  It is called a partitioned server.  The database runs on 8.1.7 but the apps still access the 8.0.6 code.  This can only be done with two separate Oracle Homes.  

Applying the mini-packs will bring your system to a point that it should continue to work well for some time until the big upgrade to 11.i.

Oracle now has a tool to determine your mini-pack level.  You can download it from Metalinks and run it, or contact us and we will do it for you.



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